Concrete Mixer

Granding Machine

Plate Compactor

Drill Machine

Concrete Vibrator

Power Trowel

Power Trowel

Power Trowel

Plate Compactor

Layflat Hose

Header Pipe

Dewatering Pump

Suction Hose

Olive Green Hose

Submersible Pump

Rubber O Ring

Worm Drive Hose Clip

DW Pump

Metal Ring

Well Point Pipes

Dewatering Pump

Rubber Bunk

Spryer Pump

Bar Bending Machine

Electric Pumps

Portable Generator

Welding Machine

Industrial Power Generator




Rubber Fittings

Solid Tyre

Aluminium Pully

Sprocket Chain

Connecting Link


Tapper lock Pully

Auger H/D

A HD 300mm Auger & Cutter Head

Vertical Cutter Head


Cutter Head Standard duty


PVC Spiral Hose

Hydraulic Hoses

Camlock Fittings

Suction Hose

Flat Hose

Olive Green Hose

Chicago Fittings

4 inchStrainer

8 x 6 reducer

90º bend double side threaded

90º female flange bend

90º male flange bend

female inlet 2 inch

8 inch x 6 inch Y reducer

45º bend mf

90º bend mf

90º female threaded bend

female with flange

8 x 6 flange reducer

female end cap

female with threaded

90º threade ma_e bend

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